Top Questions To Ask When Considering Commercial Window Treatments

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commercial window treatments

There are two basic perspectives to consider when making commercial window treatment decisions for your office or other business setting – the decorative perspective and the functional perspective. If functionality is more important than the decorative perspective, shading and how much light will or will not be let into the room could be a major…


Best Window Treatment Options For Small Spaces

Window Treatments 101
Window Treatment Options For Small Spaces

If you want to clear the clutter, increase light, or even boost space in a diminutive room, you may have to think about dressing up your windows. You may not need tons of ideas to maximize the potential of tiny rooms and an apt window dressing will have an enormous impression on the look of…


Blinds vs. Shutters

Window Treatments 101
blinds and shutters

Both blinds and shutters have many number of things in common, particularly if you go with wood or faux wood blinds. Both of these window treatments allow homeowners the option of blocking out light entirely, letting in a little bit of light, or a lot of it by raising and lowering the slats. They are…